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Help and Advice for Vendors

Selling a business is not a standardised process – but there are a number of useful guidelines.

Timing is important – start planning well in advance. Talk to your accountant, solicitor and an agent. Make any changes to the business and its assets which will enhance the saleability and value – but do not do anything which will make it more difficult to sell. Arrange with your accountant to have the accounts produced, in the right format for a sale, very quickly after your financial year end and put the business on the market while it is freshly prepared for a sale – not unlike getting your car serviced and valeted before selling it!

One of the most important questions is – “How much am I likely to get for the business?” No one can tell you for certain but getting the right advice may be critical. If you use the right valuer, that advice might be “Don’t try to sell now” or “Don’t try to sell as a going concern”. We will always tell you the truth as we see it and give you the appropriate advice. We will recommend a pricing and marketing policy to achieve a sale on the best terms.

We will agree with you the degree of confidentiality required.
We are very active in our marketing and will continue to promote your business until it sells. Despite this, we do NOT ask for a marketing budget from you.
We will regularly communicate with you to advise what is happening and to discuss with you the way forward.
We will negotiate with imagination to achieve a successful sale. We do not merely pass on offers.
When a sale is agreed we will monitor progress so that we can act quickly if a problem should arise. A sale has not been achieved until it has been completed.
We provide all vendor clients with a booklet offering valuable tips to help them improve the chances of selling their business.

Have a look at our recommended service providers to assist with selling your business.

Marketing Activities


The following activities are undertaken without limit in terms of time or cost to us in order to find a buyer for your business. Items 5 and 6 are only conducted by agreement with you where circumstances are appropriate:-

1. Business List

Your business will be included in our list of businesses on this website and issued in paper form when requested. It is therefore seen by all new enquirers, associate offices and intermediaries. Naturally, the specifics of your entry will be agreed with you prior to publication.

2. Database of Registered Buyers

We typically have around 8,000 people throughout the U.K. and abroad looking for a business. Details of your business will be sent to those who have registered a specific interest in your type of business. We will also send details to those who may not have registered a specific requirement but who may have expressed an interest in other businesses which may share some similar characteristics with yours.

3. The Internet

In addition to our own website your business will be featured on other websites, which may vary from time to time and in some cases for temporary periods of time but will include the two main sites for the sale of businesses in the U.K.

4. Press Advertising

We advertise in regional and national newspapers at our own expense. We may also agree to advertise your business in specialist publications which we do not normally use but reserve the right to charge you for such advertising.

5. Press Releases

If we have agreed this with you, we will issue a press release to selected publications to announce the availability of your business for sale. As this is not ‘paid for’ advertising we cannot, of course, guarantee that the publications will use the story or how they may use it. However, its great value is that it reaches people that advertising does not reach.

6. Mailshots to Owners of Similar Businesses to Yours

Again, if we have agreed with you that this is appropriate, we are happy to contact businesses similar to yours to see whether they may be interested in expansion by acquisition. This would, of course, be done with appropriate discretion.

7. Associate Offices/Intermediaries

We have professional relationships with a wide range of other business transfer agents, commercial property agents, accountants, banks and solicitors who frequently have clients looking to buy a business. Details of businesses are regularly circulated to such people.

8. Reviews and Updates

Businesses are living, changing entities. It is essential that our details are kept up to date. Failure to do so is not only frustrating for an enquirer but it also it sends a signal that the business has been on the market for some time. We have a programme to regularly monitor and review with you what changes to your business details may need to be made.

Why Use Us?

Vast Experience in our specialist sectors
Valuation advice explained & discussed
Large register of active buyers
Close monitoring of the sale process
Introductions to specialist professionals
Businesses from around £50k to circa £5m
No sale – no fee
Comprehensive and acurate sales particulars
Help with choosing the right solicitor
Continuous marketing

Buyers Waiting

Business Categories Registered Buyers
Automotive 971
Building Services and Construction 1,570
Distribution and Wholesale 1,717
Engineering and Industrial 1,239
Horticulture 333
Leisure 1,456
Marine 1,311
Manufacturing 1,117
Property 520
Specialist Retail 1,003
Services 2,028
Transport and Haulage 221


We typically have around 8,000 registered buyers (individuals, partnerships and companies) looking for businesses in the areas of the market in which we specialise – mainly in the industrial, commercial and service sectors. Within these sectors the following examples show the numbers of interested buyers currently registered with us.

Please Note:

  • The list of business categories cannot, of course, be completely comprehensive – there are some very unusual, even unique businesses!
  • The individual category figures for ‘buyers waiting’ add to more than the total number of buyers registered due to multiple requirements on the part of some prospective buyers.
  • The figures shown are minimums for each category because many prospective buyers are not specific. They are looking for ideas or will consider propositions beyond the categories they list. For many people the business category is not their prime consideration – they may, for example, be more concerned about the level of profit, opportunity for expansion or other factors.