Deals worth £2.7bn completed in last 4 years between South West SMEs and corporates

According to research by Bond Dickinson, deals worth more than £2.7bn have been completed between South West SMEs and large organisations during the past four years – in total 208 deals were recorded during the period. For the full story please read the bulletin below which was issued today by Insider News Media.

Roger Mundy, Managing Director, Beardsley Theobalds. 25th May 2017



Deals between South West SMEs and corporates valued at £2.7bn

Deals worth more than £2.7bn have been completed between South West medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large organisations over the past four years, according to research from law firm Bond Dickinson. However, the region lags behind the rest of England in these transactions.

In total, 208 deals were recroded during the period, with the value known to have exceeded £2.7bn.

However, only 4 per cent of all the UK’s collaborations between SMEs and corporates involved the South West.

Taking into account the number of SMEs in each region last year, the South West ranked as 11th out of 12 UK regions in terms of collaborations between SMEs and corporates. Only Wales was lower.

The research also suggested the businesses most likely to be involved in these corporate collaborations work in manufacturing, retail and technology.

The findings are based on analysis of four tax years of deal data and are detailed in a report titled ‘Close Encounters: The power of collaborative innovation’.

Craig Moore, partner and head of Bond Dickinson’s Plymouth office, said: “The low volume and value of collaborative deals in the South West could be explained in part by the high number of family-owned businesses in the region. Many of these business owners tend to have different exit strategies to other types of SMEs, and may not be interested in a corporate investment or acquisition.

“Having said that, more could certainly be done in the South West to strike up collaboration opportunities for more ambitious SMEs. Much of this is likely to be with technology driven businesses, as high-tech manufacturing SMEs from the South West increasingly tie into the supply chains of larger companies.”